Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day and 37 weeks

Mothers Day started at church with the kids singing to all the moms. It was super cute and our kiddos did a super job at singing and the motions!
We spent the afternoon time at Amy's, where we enjoyed a brunch and just hanging out. It was super chilly but the kid had fun playing together.
Also today I hit 37 weeks in this pregnancy. Its hard to believe its almost over! Not sure I am ready for it to be over but I think my body is:) There is a reason why pregnancy is meant to be 40 weeks.
With today being mothers day I also remember my babies who are not here to sing with their brother and sister. However it has given me an opportunity to feel so blessed to be called a mother by four beautiful children. Wishing they were all here to hold and kiss but knowing someday the complete picture will be beautifully painted. Just a bittersweet day. My heart aches for all the woman who have either lost a child or yearn for one so badly in their hearts and lives. I pray for them. My heart is heavy because through Elias I have come to understand that nothing is guaranteed. There is nothing in this life we deserve, no matter how much we think we need it or want it. Just with the child that I am carrying. As I approach delivery day, my worry and fear of being able to bring home a healthy and alive baby has been under attack. I have found myself having dreams of our baby dying and worrying over delivery. I talked with Corey and he continues to remind me that God is good, its under his authority and it will work for the good of His glory. As I allowed my thoughts to be held captive by God's promises I have been given peace and hope. That as I cast my worries onto the Lord (1Peter5:7), he will carry those worries because He cares for me. That His love for me will persevere through every situation (Corinthians 13:4-7). His power will rest on me, when I am weak (2Corinthians 12:9). That He gives peace at all times and in every situation (2Thessalonians 3:16).
Thankful for the word of God to rest and depend on!

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