Monday, February 18, 2013

Because of You

I am brave.

I am stronger.

I am more confident-spiritually, motherhood, wifehood, and family, really in every aspect I am more confident of who I am and what I believe in.

I love deeper.

I cry harder.

I hug longer.

I love Corey more.

Our marriage is stronger than before you.

I give Ethan and Ella more kisses.

I care less of what others think; well I am really working on this one. I never knew that I did care until I was walking on this journey of life and death with you.

I laugh harder.

I have courage.

I pray more.

I give more.

I say yes more.

I go outside my comfort zone more often.

I dream more.

I long for Heaven more.

I understand that I have a choice in losing you-joy or sadness. Most days I choose joy.

I am a better wife and mom.

I know what a friend is.

I say I am sorry easier, even when its hard.

I am more understanding.

I forgive more.

I know that life matters and each one has a purpose.

My entire heart, soul and mind are changed in a way I never knew.

Because of you sweet Elias. I miss you sweet boy!

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