Thursday, January 17, 2013

First tooth fairy visit

About two months ago Ethan started to complain that his teeth were hurting him. I did not think anything of it and told him he probably bumped his mouth. Well about a week later while brushing I noticed two adult teeth starting to come thru the gum! Within a few days he had two rows of teeth!!! He was our little shark:) His other teeth were not loose either but we had a cleaning scheduled for January and felt like we would wait and see. Well about three weeks they started becoming a bit wiggly and we told Ethan to work on them. He would not let us near them! Well this last Saturday while at the mall he lost one and the other got pulled that night! Ella was such a good little sister holding his hand and telling him it was going to be okay. They love each other so much! The tooth fairy visited him and he was excited when he woke up to his dollars. He is growing up so fast! I felt like it was too early for him to be losing teeth but he will be five tomorrow and teethed early as a baby!!! The time has flown by and I cannot believe he will start kindergarten in the Fall. Treasuring these days and moments!

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