Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to the routine

Ethan started back at school this week and even though Corey went back to work last Wednesday, today is back to routine.  To be honest I was kind of looking forward to it. The kids have been getting to bed way to late and that means I have been getting to bed way to late. So the last two nights the kids have had decent bedtimes and this morning was easier because of it. Ethan was super excited to go to school and take in his show and tell. He brought in his air hog that Ella had give him, which was so sweet. Ella and I came home to enjoy some mom and daughter time. We had a tea party, went "grocery" shopping, took our babies for a walk, read some of our library books and just had fun. It was a great way to start back from break. Looking forward to the rest of our week! Tomorrow we have BSF (bible study fellowship), Wednesday is gymnastics, school and awana, taking a meal to a new mom and work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I am sure by Saturday I will be wanting break time back:)
I had a doctors appointment on the 27th and everything was good. It is so reassuring to hear the heartbeat and have all my fears washed away. Well mostly washed away. We have an ultrasound scheduled for January 24th. I am really trying to focus on each day as a gift and not let the worry surround me. It feels like forever away but I know as we are back in the grove of life it will go fast. I have switched doctors since Elias was born and at this practice they prefer to do ultrasounds later than I was used to. With all my previous pregnancies I had an ultrasound around 16-18 weeks. With this pregnancy I will be 22 weeks. I am confident that the timing will be perfect. As I have been praying for the peace of not worrying about the condition or health of the baby, I am realizing being in a state of worry is not honoring to  God. My anxiousness revealed my lack of faith and trust but His promise is to take care of all things. So for today...
"Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." Matthew 6:34
 I am praying my way through this and it is awesome how Gods word and promises becomes so alive and real in my life.
"When my heart is faint, Lead me to the rock that is higher than I for you have my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy." Psalm 61:2-3

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