Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

 Christmas Eve we headed over to Carrie's for dinner and presents. Mom made the main course and we helped with the sides. The kids played together and waited patiently for present time to arrive. Kenny, Corey and Tony volunteered to do dishes and the ladies enjoyed some conversation. Aunt Amy started a tradition a few years back for the kids by passing out stockings with some small toys for them to open while the dishes got done. The kids were super excited about their treats and sat nicely listening to the Christmas story read by Amy. Annabelle also treated us to some Christmas carols by playing the keyboard. She was very good! Ethan started running a fever while we were at Carries but was a trooper! It was a great time celebrating Christmas with our family!

Christmas morning Ell woke first, which happens on most days, however she was content to wait for Ethan by watching some cartoons. Since Ethan had been running a fever and up in the middle of the night we let him sleep. Once awake there was lots of excitment. Ethan and Ella exchanged presents that they had picked out for eachother. Ethan picked a Minnie Mouse backpack for Ella. While Ella picked a remote control car/ helicopter for Ethan. They were both excited for the other to open their gifts. It was a great morning opening and enjoying our family. Ethan would lay down between presents because he was just worn out- it was pretty cute. After presents we ate our tradition on breakfast casserole and got ready to head to Grandma and Grandpa Barnes.

We spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa Barnes house. We enjoyed a nice lunch and dinner:) We opened presents, listend to the Christmas story and Aunt Monica played some carols on the piano for us. I was a bad picture taker. Ethan was feeling pretty awful as you can see in this picture. We rocked and held him most of the day. Despite him not feeling good we had a great day celebrating Jesus birthday!

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