Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It was hard for me to even find a title for this post. Final, Moments, Reality...Finally Elias' headstone has arrived. Moments that make my loss so real. Reality that I have a loss. So many feelings and emotions. I did find joy in seeing his headstone placed. I was nervous it would not arrive before the ground froze. I wanted so badly for his headstone to be there. It seemed like the least I could was have his "place" correctly marked. Its the mommy in me to want to take care of my child who is not here with me. Its hard because I know he is in the most majestic of places where this event is not a big deal but having his marker was a great feeling. A feeling like Elias was our child, he was here on Earth with us and he meant something. He left a mark on so many hearts and lives-we are forever changed!

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