Monday, May 2, 2011


Good Friday we spent at my sister Amy's coloring Easter eggs. Ethan had fun coloring the eggs, Ella was not so into it. We still had a two dozen eggs left and the kids were done. So my sisters, mom and I sat and finished. It was a great time for the kids to play with their cousins and hang out with the family.
Easter morning I had a very little basket for the kids knowing that both Grandma's were giving them baskets and my neighbor left some treats in our yard. My mother-in-law made Ella's dress, isn't it adorable? I did not get a very good picture of them together but at least there was an effort. Ethan has been taking pictures with his eyes closed silly boy-memories in the making!
Easter afternoon we went Corey's folks house. My mother-in-law also made all the other girls dresses out of the same fabric. Ella was not so into getting her picture taken but there they are; all the grand kids:)

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