Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today we celebrated our risen Lord. We had an amazing service this morning at church. So humbled that He paid the price for me, for all of me. He paid it ALL. Dying on the cross allowed us freedom from our sin. I am reminded so much of what brought me to know Christ in a personal way. A freedom only He can offer.

My heart hurt today. My heart ached for my arms to hold a sweet little baby while praising our Risen Lord and saviour. I realized for the first time how this year of holidays and other days that remind me of Elias will be hard. Hard to not want him here with his family. Hard to not want him here to make memories. There were a ton of babies in service today. I loved watching and hearing there little voices. They bring a smile to my face but at the same time my heart is broken for the one precious boy I lost. They remind me of Elias, which I am actually very thankful for. Thankful I can see other babies grow and experience that newness, even if it is through anothers child. It helps fill a void that only a mother would feel to nurture and love her baby. He could be celebrating his first Easter with us, his family. Making his way through this first year of firsts. But today he celebrates first hand our Risen Lord!

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