Monday, March 7, 2011

Sharing Elias' Story

Its hard to wrap my mind around the fact that Elias was here just two short weeks ago. So many emotions, so much pain, so much joy knowing he is in Heaven. Most everyone who we are surrounded by knows the journey we are walking but there are a few who might not. I had a scheduled dentist appointment today and decided to keep it, really no reason not to. No crazy nursing schedule of a newborn or sleep deprivation brought on by a newborn like I might have thought we would be experiencing when I made my six month checkup back in September. I arranged for my mother in law to watch Ethan and Ella, which they were super excited; and headed to the dentist. This was only my second time at this dentist office, but was seeing the same hygienist. During my last visit I got to know a lot about my hygienist; what church she went to, that she liked to scrapbook/stamp and about her twin daughter and son. I knew she would remember that I was pregnant last Fall and ask me about our newest addition and she did. I was not hesitant. I was not sad. I was not mad. I was not sorry for myself. I smiled with a smile that God had given me and shared our story of the last six months. Shared how we chose to carry Elias, despite the recommendation for termination. Shared how we respect the life the Lord has given us, and that we are not the ones to choose when a life should end. Shared how the Lord has worked on my heart, my family's heart and so many around us because of Elias. Shared how God is the perfect plan. Shared how God knew all of this way before any of us. Shared how we continue to rest in His hands. She cried, surprisingly I did not, and she was so blessed and touched by our story. I was rejoicing and praising our Lord once again for Elias and the blessings that have flowed from him. Many blessings that people have bestowed upon us but will never now. I prayed for my hygienist tonight, I pray her heart is of the Lords and that hearing my journey today is an encouragement to her walk in Christ. I continue to pray for my heart, my convictions and that my life would be wholly His, not just a part of it.


Two Crazy Coaches said...

You will never know this side of heaven the number of people that will be touched by your testimony and Elias' story. Continue to let your light shine!


Amy said...

I am so proud of you! Elias will continue to leave his mark as you (and your family) continue to live your Earthly life sharing about him.