Thursday, February 24, 2011

People Dear to My Heart

First there are three people that I do not have pictures of which breaks my heart, but I will forever remember they were apart of Elias' life-Corey's brother and sister and our night nurse, Kristen. Corey's brother and sister came later in the afternoon which was after our sweet sweet photographer left. It is amazing that he was able to meet each of these people and touch their hearts and lives. I am so thankful they were all able to be there. My sisters and Mom spent all day and well into their evening with us or in the waiting room. I am so glad that they were there with me the whole day. My two very dear and special friends Anitra and Mary spent their entire night on their knees praying to our Lord for Elias and me. I am eternally grateful for their friendship, devotion to the Lord and love. They mean the world to me, I am so glad the Lord brought them into my life. We are especially grateful for Corey's parents. They spent two nights at our house so our kids did not have to be away from home, how awesome is that. I was a nervous wreck leaving for the hospital Thursday night because we had never left the kids before. However, Ethan and Ella love their grandparents and had a great two days with them. Our nurses were amazing. We had prayed and prayed over our labor and delivery and the people involved. God had his hand over us this entire day but gave us a gift in our nurses. They have touched my heart with their love and kindness, they are amazing nurses. Our pediatrician Dr. Sanders, came and met Elias, checked him out just like any other baby that would be under her care. She had good advice and I was impressed by her more than ever.

Eileen...There are just no words to describe the gift she has given us. I met Eileen through a mutual friend, where she had come to learn of the journey I was walking. She offered to take a maternity session and pictures of Elias after he was born. When doing our maternity session she also offered to take pictures of labor and delivery. I accepted, and I will be forever grateful for her. Giving up her time and energy to give us something no one else could. She has created memories for me that will allow me to never forget. What a special gift you have Eileen, thank you for sharing it with me.

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GroverStyle said...

Jessica and Corey,
What a precious son you have. What a beautiful life he lived. What a testimony of God's grace and love and trust you two display. Thank you for sharing your son with the world. For opening your heart to the Lord to work in whatever way He chooses. For being real and honest and vulnerable.
I will be praying for you in the days and weeks to come. Praying that the Lord will fill your hearts, and your arms, with the peace that comes only from Him.
...Your video was beautiful. It reminded me so much of the video that was made for me on Olivianna's birth/death day. The sadness...the hurt..the hope..the peace. What an amazing gift to have.
Hugs to you my sweet sister and brother in Christ.