Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Family

We carved our first family pumpkin this year. Growing up we always carved pumpkins and I always disliked cleaning the pumpkins out. I think I have passed my dislike onto Ethan. Ella was all about getting dirty and slimy, while Ethan watched from a safe distance. We have started a tradition that I hope to uphold for my kids.
Just some random shots of our growing kids. They love to color, glue and paint anytime I have the patience too:) Since Ella began walking a few months ago Ethan and Ella have been playing more together which is super cute to watch. I had to add in the picture of Ella with a baton. For those of you who do not know I twirled for most of my growing up and one of my baton coaches got this for her when she was born, who knows or not if she will be a future twirler!:)!

I wonder if her Mom talks on the phone a lot???:)!!! The other morning I was talking to my sister and the whole time I talked Ella talked, it was super cute. She was having a pretty meaningful conversation with someone:)

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