Saturday, October 16, 2010

Doctor Update

We had a doctor appointment yesterday. There are not any new concerns, and everything is going well. My blood pressure was perfect, and I am measuring right for 23 weeks. Corey and I had some questions as to what the delivery process would be like because of the many scenarios that could be played out. This is where most of my anxiety is held as you could understand. The doc told us that the likelihood of Elias being born alive was very good, and that there was a good chance he would come home with us. This was kind of a shock to us as we assumed he would only live a few moments, hours, or day. Because he has been so active, I do feel as though we would be able to meet him, and share what time God will give us. We were not mentally prepared for him to come home. I am unsure how I feel about all of this. It is a bit scary and overwhelming. One of my concerns is our children and how much harder this will be for them to understand. Another concern is the fasion in which God will call Elias home. Babies with anencephaly have difficulty eating because they have a hard time learning to swallow which would be a determination of Elias coming home with us. Our doctor felt that our questions would be better answered by the neonatologist at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center where we will deliver. We will have a meeting with our doctor and him in the next couple of weeks so that he can inform of us of all the various scenarios. Other than the unknown I am physically feeling good and the pregnancy is progressing perfectly.

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