Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mr. Ethan

Its harder and harder to get Ethan to either hold still for a picture or smile in a "normal" way:) He loves to cheese it up for the camera. He is such a good little helper still; always wanting to help dust, vacuum, get things for Ella, set the table for dinner or whatever it is we have going on that day. We have a blast doing lots of puzzles, painting, coloring and doing whatever craft I might be able to think up. He is such an amazing little boy with lots of things to say:)!

Miss Ella

Here are some random shots of Ella. She is a busy girl these days, crawling and climbing on everything. Just last weekend she started crawling and pulling up and by this weekend is a pro. She loves that she can get around on her own and get into all those curious cabinets:) The fun has begun!!!

Outdoor Fun

We have been a busy family this summer. We go outside almost everyday. The kids love to be outside playing bikes, chalk or playing on the swing set. Ethan was able to run through the sprinklers for his first time this summer which he thought was hilarious. It has been really hot around here this summer but that has not bothered them to much. I kind of like the heat, as long as the air conditioner is working when its time to head inside:)

We also spent a few days at the beach. The kids loved spending the day playing in the sand and jumping waves. Ethan is so brave around the water. We are hoping we can get back a few more times before Fall gets here.