Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brother and Sister

I often get asked if Ethan and Ella look alike. Well you can be the judge? When I see their pictures they look more alike then in person. I think Ella looks different because of those chubby cheeks. These pictures are both at 8 months old. Ella was in for a sick visit this last week and weighed in at 14lb 10oz which I thought was small. I looked back and Ethan was in at 8 months for a sick visit with a double ear infection and he weighed 17lb 10oz. To think I thought Ella was so much bigger than Ethan as a baby.

Our Life

We have been a busy family the last few weeks. I love being busy but am also looking forward to the next few weekends with not too much on our calendar.
We dedicated Ella at church on mothers day weekend. It was a special weekend. The day before there was a brunch held at church for all the parents dedicating their child. I was in charge of childcare and food which ended up going very smoothly. We had eight kids get dedicated which was a small number compared to the prior years. Our church is doing dedication twice a year to try and make it more personal. We were to choose a verse for our child and Corey and I choose: Proverbs 31:30" Charm is deceitful and beauty is is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised." Corey and I both felt that we wanted a verse for Ella to live by and think this fits perfectly.
We also had a garage sale in May which was a huge success. It was a little bit of work to get it around but I had fun organizing and getting ready for it. Its a great feeling having all the closets and basement cleaned out. One of the pictures is of Ethan going through our hat,scarf and glove bin. He wanted to try them all on, it was too cute.
We have been spending lots of time outside swinging and sliding. During Ella's morning nap the other day Ethan swung for about 45 min, he loves it!
The weather has been amazing. I am praying it is here to stay!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finger Painting

Ethan loves to paint, glue and play play-doh. Three things I thought I would dread due to the mess. However by letting Ethan explore all of these things it is not too messy. We sit and play with play-doh almost everyday for at least half an hour or so. We also glue and paint throughout the week and make different crafts for Dad. Ethan is very aware of "messes" and always wants to be cleaned up right away when he is done. He is a little boy after his mother, poor kid:)

Our Little Girl

Ella has been showing more and more of her sweet little personality lately and it is so precious. She loves hair,probably because she has none:) Despite that she pulls my hair all the time and loves feeling Corey's fuzzy head. She is working on her bottom two teeth which has lead to a couple of sleepless nights. However last night she was only up once which was awesome compared to the few nights before. She is not crawling but I am not sure if she will pick up that skill. She rolls everywhere until she can no longer roll. She laughs, giggles and talks all the time. Corey thinks she will be our little social butterfly!