Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Swing Set

We decided to build a swing set in the backyard this year. It took Corey about three weekends to get it to "playable" with the help of our awesome neighbor , his Dad and brother. It is almost complete except the rock climbing wall still needs attached. We also would like to add wood chips or rubber under it but that will be later in the summer. It has been a blast to play on and Ethan loves sliding and swinging. I am sure we will have great memories!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ella Six Month Pictures

Ella had her six month pics taken last weekend and they turned out super cute. The guy taking them was fabulous and really got her to smile in a few. At her checkup last week she weighed in at 14lbs 4oz (10th percentile) and 27in long (80th percentile). She will have an ultra sound this Thursday on her kidneys to check the status of the dilatation that was present during pregnancy and birth. She has not had any problems yet so I am praying that the ultra sound will reveal a normal size kidney. She is sitting up with support, rolling everywhere and starting to expand her food repertoire. Where has the past six months gone?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ethans Two Year Pics

Better late than never:)! I never shared Ethan's two years photos. It was a rough morning but we were able to get a few good shots. Despite the rough morning he is still a cutie!


Here are some cute new photos of baby girl. We are getting her six month pictures done tomorrow morning and will share those when I can. I just love her sweet baby face!

Ella loves her big brothers toys

Ella loves watching Ethan's Thomas the Train go around the track. She also loves getting her hands on track and train. Ella also loves Ethan's balls. She chews on them anytime she can. Ethan does not mind to much that Ella plays with his toys, he usually gives her something and says, "share". They are so cute together.