Friday, March 12, 2010

Outdoor Play

Nicer weather has finally arrived around Michiana and we are so happy. We played outside almost everyday this week. Ethan discovered how to open and climb into Corey's car. He spent a long time pushing all the buttons, turning on the lights and closing the garage door! Corey also let Ethan ride on his lap while he pulled my car out of the garage. I guess he is starting to learn how to drive young:) Ethan has also been able to ride his power wheels jeep outside. He got it for his birthday but had not been able to "off road" outside yet! He loved it and had a blast riding it around. I am so thankful for the season of spring!


Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

Glad to hear that the bottom pictures weren't of Ethan in his first car. :) I thought maybe he was such a good driver in his off-roading vehicle you decided to upgrade to the real deal. :) He is growing up so fast. Glad you got to go out and enjoy the weather. We have been outside a lot lately and I have found that when it isn't nice outside I have a terror on my hands. Hope your weather stays nice for you!

The Grasmans said...

We've been enjoying the warmth too! I love Ella's hat:)