Friday, March 12, 2010


Time is flying by and I am awful at keeping our blog up to date. Ella continues to grow so fast and is doing new things all the time. We started solids awhile ago and it was rough going at first but now she loves her veggies and fruit. She is still not to hip on taking a bottle but she does when she has to, which is not very often. Her neck and back are so very strong and she rolls all over and is almost sitting up. Ethan always thinks its big news when she rolls and makes sure to let me know. He gets down on the ground with her and in his sweet little voice says "Hi", its very cute. Ella is loving getting her piggies and pulls her socks off whenever possible to gum away. She still does not have any teeth but I am sure we will see some pearly whites soon!


Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

She is too cute! I wish we could come meet her or she might be grown before we see her. :( I am glad you are taking lots of pictures! I miss that stage of feet discovery...Nate's feet used to entertain him while we were in the car. :) Miss you guys!

The Grasmans said...

I love those chubby little legs:) !! She is so cute!!