Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun New Photos

Ethan and Ella are growing like little weeds. We had well visits today and I was in shock by how much each of them has grown. Ethan weighed in at 27lb 9oz ( 40%, we are moving up), 37 1/2in long (100%). He is so very tall, Corey is excited about that. Ella was 12 lb 11 oz (20%) and 25 1/2 in long ( 85%). They are both healthy and growing perfectly.


Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

They say if you double a kids height at 2 that's how tall they will be...that would mean Ethan will be 6'3"!!! Wow! They are both adorable! And we are glad to hear they are both packin'on the pounds.

The Grasmans said...

Such sweet babies:) I miss seeing them grow!