Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a sweet face

Ethan is growing into such a little man. It is unbelievable how much he continues to grow and learn each day. We are trying our best to tell him about his new baby sister that will soon be arriving. However, I think we will have a time of transition and there will be no away around that. He is such a great little helper. He helps clean by dusting, mopping and washing windows, puts his toys away when finished and keeps his high chair during feedings nicely organized. I have no doubt that he will be a great big brother and take on a helping role. He is too funny how particular he is, always needing his hands clean or knowing where his cup is at all times. He loves bath time and I was able to get these few pics in before he desperatly wanted the camera himself and look at that hair...finally:)


Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

He is such a cutie! And he is getting hair. :) Does he look like Corey? Looking at those pic it makes me think he does but I think there might be some of you in there too. Love the pictures...keep 'em coming, please.

Anitra said...

Sweet pics! Following in his parents footsteps in his cleanliness and organization :)

Cory and Amanda Witmer said...

What a cutie pie! He will be a great big brother! He sounds like Elijah, maybe it's a firstborn thing...being helpful and particular. Elijah did great the first week, then week 2 when he realized Lucas wasn't leaving he started acting up, but now he is great! He even wants Lucas to sleep in his we'll probably put the crib together today and try it out tonight!