Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthdays and More

Last weekend we celebrated Tylers 11th birthday. Its hard to believe he is that old! He got lots of Lego's, clothes and a few gift cards. He is really into Lego's and has already built two of the items he got. One had over 750 pieces!!! It was a great evening, Happy Birthday Tyler!!
The top two right pictures are of my birthday presents. Corey, his Mom and Dad and brother all went in and got me a new glider for baby girls room. It was delivered directly to our house so they did not get to see it. We got home from having breakfast, which was very delicious (thanks Mom), and it was on the front porch. I can not wait to start using it, thank you guys!!! The clock is from my sister and I am so very excited to have it:)! Corey and I have been wanting a clock for our living room since we were married and now we finally have one, Thanks Amy!!! I had a great birthday and am thankful for my family to share it with. Love you all!!!!

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