Thursday, August 6, 2009


The weeks are flying by and so is our summer. Its hard to believe that August is here and kids will be going back to school in TWO weeks!! We have had a busy last two weeks but it truly is good to be busy. Last week I hosted a Mom's brunch and we ended up with six moms and nine kids. Ethan was being clingy and did not play very well so I did not get any pictures:( I think it was that it was at his house with his toys that set him off or at least I can hope:) It was great to have everyone over. I also had an ultrasound last Friday to check on baby girls growth and her kidneys. I am measuring about a week ahead of my official due date which was good news. Her left kidney was also still dilated about double the "normal" size. Since they are still dilated she will have an ultrasound done on her within the first 24 hours of being delivered. There is a very good chance it will self correct at delivery. Other than that everything else seems to being going perfect with the pregnancy and we head back to the doctor next Friday.

We also had two cookouts last weekend which I managed to not bring a camera to either:) Our neighbors son turned 16 and they had a BBQ for his party. Despite some rain we enjoyed playing corn hole, plumbers golf and getting to know our neighbors a little better. Sunday we headed over for grace reunion at Addi and BK's house. Again Ethan had a long week with not good napping or getting to bed on time which lead to meltdown city:) We enjoyed the time we were there and are thankful for the great friends God has given us.

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