Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Life...

has been so busy with regular life stuff the last few weeks but to be honest I love it this way! I thrive on the craziness and making everything come together. I have been terrible at taking pictures of our life events and hope that this is not going to continue when baby girl arrives. I have had great intentions by carrying my camera with me but seem to "forget" its with me. However this one picture I do have is from our park visit about two weeks ago. Ethan has a blast playing and swinging and cries when we load him into the car seat. Hopefully next year Corey can build a swing set and we will have a park in the back yard! It has been very cool this summer which makes playing outside enjoyable. In other news: I had a doctors appointment this past Thursday and the doctor seems to think I will be delivering baby girl in two weeks but we shall see. I am on weekly appointments and go back this Thursday. Last weekend Corey and I finished baby girls room which makes it official that we are about to have two little ones. We are excited and can not wait to meet her. Hopefully we can settle on a name before then???? Corey has also been going to physical therapy weekly and will hopefully be done in a few more sessions. Corey is getting around normal and has little pain and/or swelling which is a plus. Today I enjoyed a morning with some girlfriends. I hope they know how blessed I feel and how grateful I am for each of their friendships. We enjoyed a morning of pampering: pedicure, eating good food, laughing and some cute baby girl gifts. Thanks Girls! Addi should be posting some pics of our awesome Saturday morning:)! No pressure Addi:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

18 month pictures

I am a few weeks late in getting Ethan's pictures taken but better late than never:)! Corey and I have always gone together to get the pictures taken but life has gotten way to busy and I decided to go on my own. I knew I only needed one good shot and that if I timed it right Ethan would be fine. I think I worked harder than the photographer trying to get him to sit still but the pictures turned out better than expected. To see his 18 month pics go to :

customer name- JESSICA BARNES
access code- LTPP0319109126JCP


Summer is finally here...

Last weekend we finally enjoyed some ninety degree weather! We headed over to Mom's to enjoy the pool. Ethan enjoyed being pushed around in his boat. This week has been just as nice and we are hoping to get over to the pool again by the end of the week.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Playful little Boy

Ethan cracks me up and keeps me going. He loves when I play his children's bible song CD and I thought I might try to capture his smiles. As I said before he thinks he needs to be taking the pictures so the smiles did not come out to well in the pictures I snapped. Ethan also loves to search for our cats. Usually you can find one under the table, it is so cute how he loves the cats. In the video you can see him doing circles and running like a little crazy boy. You just got love him:)



The weeks are flying by and so is our summer. Its hard to believe that August is here and kids will be going back to school in TWO weeks!! We have had a busy last two weeks but it truly is good to be busy. Last week I hosted a Mom's brunch and we ended up with six moms and nine kids. Ethan was being clingy and did not play very well so I did not get any pictures:( I think it was that it was at his house with his toys that set him off or at least I can hope:) It was great to have everyone over. I also had an ultrasound last Friday to check on baby girls growth and her kidneys. I am measuring about a week ahead of my official due date which was good news. Her left kidney was also still dilated about double the "normal" size. Since they are still dilated she will have an ultrasound done on her within the first 24 hours of being delivered. There is a very good chance it will self correct at delivery. Other than that everything else seems to being going perfect with the pregnancy and we head back to the doctor next Friday.

We also had two cookouts last weekend which I managed to not bring a camera to either:) Our neighbors son turned 16 and they had a BBQ for his party. Despite some rain we enjoyed playing corn hole, plumbers golf and getting to know our neighbors a little better. Sunday we headed over for grace reunion at Addi and BK's house. Again Ethan had a long week with not good napping or getting to bed on time which lead to meltdown city:) We enjoyed the time we were there and are thankful for the great friends God has given us.