Monday, July 20, 2009

18 months

Ethan is now 18 months and is Mr. Independent. We had his checkup today and he weighed in at 23lbs 9oz (20th percentile) and 34 1/2 in tall (90th percentile). He is growing on the same track since birth and seems to be doing great. We are finally in the habit of brushing our teeth. Corey and I have been doing the brushing for the last however long with only tears from Ethan. Ethan now loves to brush and floss I might add. He is a stinker to get pictures of since he thinks he should be the one snapping the pics. Ethan stays busy running all over the house, riding in his car, pushing his mower, blowing bubbles (or eating them), reading books and building blocks. We are enjoying our time daily because I know in a few months it will be a little harder to have this one on one time:)!

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Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

I had complete forgotten about things like brushing their teeth...thankfully Nate doesn't have any teeth yet. I think Ethan is going to be a great big brother. :)