Thursday, May 21, 2009

As Good as it Gets

Here are some random photos of our life over the last week. Like my title this is as good as it gets. Life just seems to have a way to pass by very quickly and it gets harder to post (the weather being awesome does not help much either:) We have some mother's day pictures splashed in with some Ethan pics. I love the one of my two brother in laws attempting to clean the dishes on mothers day and the one of Anna, Danny and Ethan playing the piano. We had a great brunch at Amy's and a relaxing afternoon.
Ethan loves to watch out the window at the sprinklers- he is amazed by the water. Please do not mind my garage sale pile next to him. I can not wait to have the sale next weekend and hopefully sell all this stuff!! Its amazing how much stuff I have to sell. The other pictures of Ethan playing Lego's and having a Popsicle. He loves the Popsicles. Now only if I could get him to eat the grape ones and I will stick with orange and red. Popsicles have been one of my things during this pregnancy. My Mom used to make the best homemade Popsicles and I am sure I will attempt at making some this summer:)
I tried to scan my ultra sound pictures but the images kept turning out very black- Corey even tried at work. So here are my pictures of the ultrasound pictures:) The one of the thumbs up is too cute. The one on the left is her face and the bottom right is the spine. Its amazing how much this little girl is moving!! We can not wait to meet her!!!


Anitra said...

Thumbs up....that is awesome! And I always love the spine pics! That was always my favorite ultrasound pictures.

thegroves said...

I love the thumbs up!