Friday, May 29, 2009

May 28th 2009- Five Years

Happy Anniversary to Corey and I! Yesterday was actually our anniversary but it was a crazy day and did not get anything posted. Even though it was a very busy day, Corey and I both took time to remember our wedding day and all the awesome memories since then. Its amazing to look back and see how God has orchestrated many events that have changed our path to bring us to where we are today. I love Corey more today than on the day I married him. To see him as the father of my child, as our provider and our leader is so amazing. We have grown so much as a couple; it is sometimes hard to comprehend. I love that we have this day to always have as our day. A day to remember one of the best days in our life, to make new goals for our future and to look back on all of our memories. I pray for many more anniversaries to come! I love you Corey!!!!

When I found him whom my soul loves.
I held him and would not let him go...
Song of Solomon 3:4

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day and we hope everyone else did as well. We headed down to Mishawaka for the parade on Monday morning. It was cloudy and a bit chilly but I would rather it be that than too hot:) They had a fly over of planes before the parade began and Ethan was amazed by them. The police cars and fire trucks were near the beginning of the parade and Ethan was not too hip on the very loud sirens but he was a trooper and just looked on in a bit of fear I think. It was a great parade and hope to take Ethan to a few more this summer.

After the parade and nap time we headed over to Mom's to enjoy a laid back afternoon. We grilled and had a great lunch/dinner. We watched the kids play outside all afternoon. Ethan and Daniel had a great time in the car. Ethan was not the best at taking turns as you can see Ethan is in the car in most pictures. Danny was very nice to push him around the yard. They were too cute. It was a great day and a nice long weekend.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Congratulations Nathan!!!

This morning we headed over to Valpo to see Nathan graduate from Law school. What an awesome achievement for him. It has been three years of studying, reading and more reading and studying. He will be taking the bar in July and we are praying for a job in the area for him. After graduation the "gang" headed to Applebees for lunch. It was a great morning and afternoon celebrating Nathan's great accomplishment. Congratulations Nathan!!

Friday Night Fun

Friday night after dinner, Corey, Ethan and I headed to the park with Dairy Queen in hand. It was a beautiful evening and a great night to swing and slide. When we first got there we were the only ones there which was nice. Ethan loved walking all over and sliding. We also enjoyed Corey attempting the bars (which is probably not the best idea with his knee) but it was funny to watch. It was a great evening with our family.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

As Good as it Gets

Here are some random photos of our life over the last week. Like my title this is as good as it gets. Life just seems to have a way to pass by very quickly and it gets harder to post (the weather being awesome does not help much either:) We have some mother's day pictures splashed in with some Ethan pics. I love the one of my two brother in laws attempting to clean the dishes on mothers day and the one of Anna, Danny and Ethan playing the piano. We had a great brunch at Amy's and a relaxing afternoon.
Ethan loves to watch out the window at the sprinklers- he is amazed by the water. Please do not mind my garage sale pile next to him. I can not wait to have the sale next weekend and hopefully sell all this stuff!! Its amazing how much stuff I have to sell. The other pictures of Ethan playing Lego's and having a Popsicle. He loves the Popsicles. Now only if I could get him to eat the grape ones and I will stick with orange and red. Popsicles have been one of my things during this pregnancy. My Mom used to make the best homemade Popsicles and I am sure I will attempt at making some this summer:)
I tried to scan my ultra sound pictures but the images kept turning out very black- Corey even tried at work. So here are my pictures of the ultrasound pictures:) The one of the thumbs up is too cute. The one on the left is her face and the bottom right is the spine. Its amazing how much this little girl is moving!! We can not wait to meet her!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Wait is Over...

We had our ultrasound today to find out we are having a baby GIRL!!! I was and am about as shocked as anyone. I really thought it was a boy- my family seems to produce the boys but not this time:) She is growing right on schedule for 19 weeks 3 days and weighs 10oz. Her kidney's seem to be dilating too much which means she is retaining too much water. The doctors will do follow up ultra sounds to help monitor the kidneys. The doc we saw today said that most of the time it will self correct at delivery but that we need to keep an eye on it. Now onto a name and another baby nursery to decorate:) I will try to post some ultra sound pictures tomorrow!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ethan's Cuteness

Ethan loves to play on our bed with all the pillows. He loves it when his Dad puts all the pillows around him and he can throw himself down without getting hurt, well at least not yet:) He was laughing and giggling so much I had to get a few snapshots. What a cutie!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

New Fun

We have been playing outside a lot the last few weeks and thought it would be nice for Ethan to have a few "outdoor" toys. I think we are planning a swing set very soon but for now his new lawnmower and golf set will have to do. He was so excited to see and play with his two new toys. I think Danny might need to help him on his golf swing- he was mostly chasing the cats with the driver:) Too bad he is not old enough to really mow the lawn as most of you know Corey has torn his ACL. He went back to the orthopedic today for consultation on the MRI he had done on Tuesday. The MRI confirmed he tore his ACL completely and he sprained his MCL, tore his meniscus, and bruised his femur bone. So even though he thought it was getting better the outlook is not too good. He will go through two physical therapy sessions to get the range of motion and than most likely have ACL surgery in about three weeks. I think Corey and I are both a little nervous as this puts him out of service in most areas for most of the summer:( We are praying for a quick healing and I am praying Corey will follow the docs advice:)