Friday, April 10, 2009

A day at the Farm

We spent all day Saturday playing around the farm! The kids absolutely loved the animals, four wheeling and tractor riding.
My Uncle Ben has about 150 cows, 300 acres and he also helps with the "homestead" farm which has about 300 cow. The homestead farm was started by my great-grandparents the Harrison's sometime in the 20's. They farm about 2,000 acres of grain and also have the livestock. My great-grandparents had 9 children ( 3 boys and 6 girls). Currently two of my great-uncles farm the property with the help of my Uncle Ben. The homestead house that is currently standing is not the original. They rebuilt a new home about 40 years ago. The old farm house which my mother lived in for some time did not have running water!! I am glad they decided to build a new house:) It is very interesting to see this lifestyle and the culture surrounding it. In the town they farm the population is 1057 and is mostly farms. There is a gas station, post office, car wash and school in town. This time visiting was not too much of a culture shock for me but I think Corey was suprised at the lack of paved roads, slow paced lifestyle and pretty much the whole place:)!

The kids were amazed at how many cows we saw:)! My Uncle took them out in the field on the BIG tractor to feed the cows, which they thought was pretty cool.
My Uncle Victor brought over his two four wheelers to have some fun on. I did not ride as I am pregnant and did not think that was a good idea but the others had a blast. They were muddy and exhausted by the time they got back.
On Saturday evening we took a hayride around the other farms. My Uncle Ben's dog Angel chased us the whole way. It was pretty amazing that she could keep up. Towards the end of the ride she jumped into the back of the pickup truck. On this hayride we went over a few sketchy bridges. You can see in the one picture that we are just driving through a small creek-I was a little scared. It was a nice way to end the evening.
By the time we got back to the hotel we were exhausted!!!


Anitra said...

How fun! Sometimes Seth and I miss the slow paced life and we really miss 4 wheeling!!

Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

Now you know the kind of town we live in :) Only 5X's as big as the one you visited. It sounds like you had a blast. I love how on the hair ride someone had their laptop...too funny!