Sunday, April 26, 2009

We have a Belly!!!

17 weeks pregnant! Can you believe it? I can not! Time is flying by during this pregnancy. This belly just showed up over the last week or so. I am feeling pretty good. I had the stomach bug last week but now that it is over I feel like a new woman:) Still pretty exhausted at the end of the day. Ethan is running everywhere and keeping me very busy. We will find out the sex of the baby on May 12th so I will keep you all posted. However my gut/guess is that Ethan will have a little brother:)!

Not a Huge Mess

During this last week we have let Ethan eat most of his meals on his own. I was sick for a few days this week so I missed out on some of the action but here are a few pictures. Most of them come from today's spaghetti dinner. He loved it! I think he eat/played for almost an hour and this has been our biggest mess yet! He does really well using a spoon for yogurt, applesauce and soft foods. We are having fun!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

15 months

Ethan had his 15 month checkup today and he did really well. Most of you know Ethan has extreme stranger danger anxiety but it seem he may be turning a corner:)! He barely screamed at the doctor and even gave her a smile. I always feel so bad but I am sure she has seen it all. Ethan weighed in at 21lbs 9oz, which is the 10th% for weight, he was 33 1/2 in tall, which is the 93rd% for height. He is my little string bean. He is also the pickiest eater but I have still yet to figure out where he gets that from?:):) He refuses every type of meat I offer and does not like juice or milk so water is his beverage of choice. The doctor was not too worried about the no meat,milk or juice thing. She said most kids go through this at some point. She did suggest I allow him to self feed all of his meals. This will be hard for me as the mess freaks me out. I let him eat his sandwiches, crackers, toast the normal finger foods. When it comes to the oatmeal, mac and cheese, yogurt, jello I handle that:) I will try to let go a little and deal with it. I am sure he will have a good time playing and exploring all the food:) Wish me luck!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Beautiful Spring Day

Last weekend was beautiful around the Michiana area. Ethan and I spend most of the Thursday, Friday and Saturday outdoors. I only brought my camera out on Thursday but great memories were made everyday. We had bubble time, ball time and a few walks. Ethan loves being outside, I think he would be out there all day if I would let him. The only thing he dislikes is when he falls down he really does not like touching the grass to get back up. On Friday Anitra had a Moms lunch and invited us over for lunch and playtime. It was also a beautiful afternoon that we spent in her backyard while the kids played. I am so thankful for the warmer weather and that we are able to get outside more.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend celebrating our risen Savior Jesus Christ.
Saturday evening we headed over to Grandma Smith's for a nice meal and an Easter Egg hunt. The great-grand kids loved it and Ethan even got in on the action.
After church service we headed up to Corey's family for Easter dinner and basket hunting. Mom and Dad Barnes always hide all of our baskets around the house and we go searching. The kids had a blast with this. We also celebrated Alyssa's 7th birthday and Dad's birthday. Monica made a very cute bunny cake. It was a great afternoon of fellowship.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

Ethan loves being with his Dad and following him wherever he goes. Yesterday was no exception. I tried to vacuum the day we left for Missouri but after vacuuming Ethan's room and the computer room there was a terrible smell in the air and a vibrating that told me to stop the vacuum.

Corey took a look at it with Ethan's help and all we need is a belt. I think Corey and I have gone through at least four vacuums in five years! If anyone has a good one they love, I would like to know. Ours will still work but I would not mind having a new one. We don't buy the most expensive but we don't buy the cheapest either. We have tried both and all have failed. Do you love your vacuum?:)!

Friday, April 10, 2009

St. Louis

We headed into St. Louis Tuesday afternoon and made it in about three hours. Tuesday evening we were able to see the arch and visit a local restaurant. Wednesday was a packed day with the Science center and the court house in the morning, the zoo in the afternoon and dinner in the evening. I totally recommend the St. Louis area for a family. There is an area called Forrest Park where there is the zoo, science center, art museum, history museum and I know a few others I am forgetting. The zoo and the science center were FREE!! It was the best zoo I have ever been to. Way better than Indy and Chicago and of course potawatomi. There were so many neat animals to see. It was a beautiful day and the kids were wonderful. My camera ran out of battery early in the day so I did not get very many pictures but memories to last a lifetime!
Wednesday we headed to an area called the "loop". It was near Washington University and had a very dominate college atmosphere. Here there were stars like in hollywood of people who were either born or had great influence in the St. Louis area. Some of the stars were: John Goodman, Bob Costas, Chuck Berry, Maya Angelou, Jackie Joyner-Kersee. It was neat to see. After visiting the loop it was time for home!!!
We made it home by 6:30 Thursday evening and could not have asked for a better ride home. Home is always a nice place to be after being gone a week!!!

Random Pictures of Weekend

Here are some other cute pictures of the weekend. I also got this picture of this billboard for Addi and Brian. I am glad that it was able to come out! Maybe Addi and Brian you will have to take a trip to LaMonte to visit Kaminskis:)!?


On Monday we had a little bit of a slower day. Aunt Mary and Uncle Ben brought the kids over to our hotel for a little swimming and pizza. We attempted to swim with Ethan (he looks pretty cute in his swim outfit) but he was not too hip on the idea. There were a lot of kids in the pool so hopefully this summer we can work on the whole pool thing at Mom's. Kids always love swimming and had a blast.
Monday evening we headed back to Ben and Mary's for one last dinner and some family picture taking:)!! I don't think we missed anyone!! We got the whole crew in a picture and than each family unit with grandma and Andy. Having us all together has not happened in probably twenty years and there have been many babies born since then. This family is just my Mom's immediate family which is two brothers and a sister. There are 10 grandchildren and six great-grandkids.

Sunday Dinner

On Sunday afternoon my grandmother hosted a dinner for whoever could come. I think we ended up with about 50 people. As I mentioned in my earlier post my grandmother has five sisters and three brothers. Two of her sisters have passed but the other three sisters and two brothers were able to come over for dinner. Some of their kids made it and brought their kids also. There was four generations of family. It was really good eating on Sunday. Aunt Rosie made these homemade noodles that were the best I ever had. I thought my Mom made good noodles but these were fantastic. We had a whole kitchen full of good food. It was a busy afternoon with a house full but was able to snap a few pictures of the day. The top right picture is of all the great-aunts, my mom and my sisters. It was fun catching up and seeing everyone.

A day at the Farm

We spent all day Saturday playing around the farm! The kids absolutely loved the animals, four wheeling and tractor riding.
My Uncle Ben has about 150 cows, 300 acres and he also helps with the "homestead" farm which has about 300 cow. The homestead farm was started by my great-grandparents the Harrison's sometime in the 20's. They farm about 2,000 acres of grain and also have the livestock. My great-grandparents had 9 children ( 3 boys and 6 girls). Currently two of my great-uncles farm the property with the help of my Uncle Ben. The homestead house that is currently standing is not the original. They rebuilt a new home about 40 years ago. The old farm house which my mother lived in for some time did not have running water!! I am glad they decided to build a new house:) It is very interesting to see this lifestyle and the culture surrounding it. In the town they farm the population is 1057 and is mostly farms. There is a gas station, post office, car wash and school in town. This time visiting was not too much of a culture shock for me but I think Corey was suprised at the lack of paved roads, slow paced lifestyle and pretty much the whole place:)!

The kids were amazed at how many cows we saw:)! My Uncle took them out in the field on the BIG tractor to feed the cows, which they thought was pretty cool.
My Uncle Victor brought over his two four wheelers to have some fun on. I did not ride as I am pregnant and did not think that was a good idea but the others had a blast. They were muddy and exhausted by the time they got back.
On Saturday evening we took a hayride around the other farms. My Uncle Ben's dog Angel chased us the whole way. It was pretty amazing that she could keep up. Towards the end of the ride she jumped into the back of the pickup truck. On this hayride we went over a few sketchy bridges. You can see in the one picture that we are just driving through a small creek-I was a little scared. It was a nice way to end the evening.
By the time we got back to the hotel we were exhausted!!!

Loving the Hotel

We made it there and back!!!

I was so nervous about Ethan and the hotel situation but of course he did wonderfully. He had been waking up during the night for about three weeks prior to this vacation and I was letting him cry himself back to sleep. Being in a hotel I knew I could not let himself cry for half an hour, I didn't think the other guest would like that. However he slept through every night in the pack'n'play. He loved our king size bed and all the pillows. Bath time was even fun with none of his toys:)!!