Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Year Pictures...A little late

The last month or so we have been sick so we have not had the opportunity to get Ethan's first year pictures taken. So yesterday we headed out to get them done. It is always chaotic getting pictures done...well at least I think it is. However they always turn out better than expected! Here are a few of the pictures taken. We have not had a family picture taken since Ethan was born and thought it would be nice to have the three of us in a family picture before the family expands:)! So for those of you who do not know Corey and I are expecting baby #2 in early October!! We are very excited for our newest addition and are glad it is still 7 months from now:)!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A week at home

Ethan is feeling much better and I am so glad. Even though he is feeling better we had an easy week and spent most of it at home. We did venture to church to deliver clean laundry and to the credit union today. Ethan is fever and almost cough free. Ethan loves to chase our cats around but most of the time the cats go into hiding! He also loves watching out the window. This week we saw the rain change to snow! We are so ready for spring!!!!

Last Weekend Celebrations

Last Saturday night we headed to Corey's sisters house to celebrate Seth and Matthew's birthdays. Seth is now two and Matthew is four. We watched home video of them right after they were born and a few birthday parties. It was neat to see how they have grown! Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Long Week....

I am so thankful it is Friday and that Corey will be home this weekend. I really thought we were on the up swing of this sickness but Thursday's checkup revealed that Ethan's pneumonia has settled in as RSV. He had run a fever for almost a week but Tuesday he finally broke it, which was a blessing. Luckily the doctor did not think that his oxygen levels were too low or that he would need steroids which means no hospital stay for now. However he did lose almost a pound but the doctor was not too concerned about that right now. We just need him getting those fluids. We are hanging low and will not do too much this weekend so hopefully he can continue to rest and get better. The doctor said it will most likely last about two weeks or so. We will go back at that time to make sure he is on the track to recovery! If you remember say a little prayer for Ethan for a speedy recovery!
It is only 8:00 on a Friday night but I am headed to put some PJ's on and relax. Which probably means fall asleep:)!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Feeling Better

After a week of being sick, I think Ethan is feeling a little better. We have been fighting bronchitis, an ear infection and pneumonia for the last week. We went back to the doctor on Saturday and received a new antibiotic which I think is helping. Sunday afternoon Ethan was playing and moving around a lot more and today is even better. It is not fun to have a sick kid especially when they can not really express what it is they need. Thank goodness for antibiotics and motrin!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Date Night

This past Saturday night we babysat while a few of our friends could enjoy a kid less evening. We had a great time with them. They loved to push the cars back and forth between each other in the kitchen. The kids were all very well behaved and it was a nice evening. I hope the parents enjoyed their time also! These kids are just too cute not to take pictures of:)!