Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bath Time Fun

Ethan got a whole new set of bath toys for Christmas this year. He has a blast playing in the tub and hates when it is time to get out. The standing in the tub makes me so nervous but he seems to think he is such a big boy standing in the tub:)

Ethan has been splashing in the big tub for a few months now but the last few weeks has brought a whole new meaning to splashing. Every time I reach for the camera he slows it down but last night a got a small glimpse of the splashing. We now have to have extra towels to soak up the water that goes over board. It is a blast and he has so much fun in the tub. He is a little prune every time he gets out!!



The Randolph's said...

What a cutie! Who doesn't love bath time though?! :)

Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

I love the video! I am surprised that he doesn't seem to mind the water splashing in his face. He is getting so big and grown up...I can't believe he is almost one!!

thegroves said...

I love it! So much fun in the tub!

The Grasmans said...