Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

On Friday night we celebrated my nephews 7th birthday. He is into army guys and the colts football- so he loved all of his new army guys and his new colts shirt. The kids had a blast exploring and playing together.

This morning we headed up to Corey's parents house to celebrate his sister and brothers belated birthdays. Corey's Mom made an awesome breakfast. We enjoyed seeing the family and being able to visit. It is always good to have a birthday party to bring the family together.

Just hanging out...

Here are some cute pictures of the last week. We had a busy week with grocery shopping, visiting with my sister Alli and baby Adam, birthday present shopping and our one year checkup. Ethan was 20lbs and 31 1/4 in long. He is in the 16% for his weight and 92% for his height. I really thought he would weigh a little more but a string bean is fine with me:) He is pulling up and walking all over furniture but just won't venture far from the steadiness of someones hands or the furniture. I am sure the walking will be here soon!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Like Mother, Like Son

While preparing for Ethan's birthday party he decided to step in and help out. I keep my dust buster close by the high chair to "clean up" after meal times and Ethan decided he needed to help out. He pushed it all over the living room and kitchen but only a few pics turned out as he was on the move and the pics were a little blurry. How cute and fun is that? Hopefully I can keep him going with this:)!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Favorite Pictures

Here are pictures of Ethan over the last year. I tried picking my favorite picture from each month of his life. It has been "fun" remembering the day he was born and all the great memories from there forward.

Ethan's 1st Birthday!!

My little baby boy turned one today!! Can you believe it has been a year? Time has flown and I am sure the years will continue to pass quickly. He has grown so fast over the last year. Now that we have another newborn in the family with Adam, its harder to believe Ethan was even smaller than him!

Corey and I are so thankful on how Ethan has completed our family. He has brought us closer together than I would have ever thought. Our lives changed for the better and I am so glad he is here!! We love you baby boy!!

Ethan's favorite Puppy!!

Ethan had gotten a puppy from his Grandma Barnes when he was first born. Ethan has become so attached to this little puppy. He carries it around and gives it lots of hugs and kisses. Every morning we say Good Morning and give the puppy hugs. I guess this puppy now needs a name?

Adam Ray's First Bath

I had the honor to help little sis give her newborn his first sponge bath one day last week. I think it was very successful even though Adam screamed through the whole thing. He feel asleep very well after he was changed and bundled. He is so stinking cute!!! Thanks Alli for these great memories!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adam Ray

We welcomed Adam Raye into this world on Saturday!!! Allison did awesome during her 18 hours of labor and 1 1/2 of pushing to get him here. We are so excited he is here and can not wait to see him grow. What a little miracle!! He is perfect and has been such a good newborn for them.
I like to say he is named after his favorite aunt but to be honest the middle name was our Dad's and the first name was chosen by the parents. I think it is the perfect name for our newest little boy. He has blondish/reddish fuzz and has these adorable chubby cheeks!

The Wait.....

Here are a few pictures during our waiting for baby Adam to arrive. We were at the hospital for over 12 hours!!! We all had not slept in about 36 hours. We were laughing at everything and had a great time and I would not trade those memories for the sleep I should have been getting!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Future Player?

Time will only tell if basketball will be in Ethan's future but for the time being we will continue to practice on our dunk and cheer. Finally after months of practice he is making baskets and is just thrilled to pieces with himself. Up until now Corey and I have enjoyed the toy but I think Ethan wants in on the fun. We really are happy to share with him. However I am not to opinionated on what sport of if he plays any sport. I do love sports but I want him to play what he wants to play not what I think he should do. Hopefully we can be succesful in that area.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bath Time Fun

Ethan got a whole new set of bath toys for Christmas this year. He has a blast playing in the tub and hates when it is time to get out. The standing in the tub makes me so nervous but he seems to think he is such a big boy standing in the tub:)

Ethan has been splashing in the big tub for a few months now but the last few weeks has brought a whole new meaning to splashing. Every time I reach for the camera he slows it down but last night a got a small glimpse of the splashing. We now have to have extra towels to soak up the water that goes over board. It is a blast and he has so much fun in the tub. He is a little prune every time he gets out!!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

We had a great New Years Eve and Day. New Years Eve we spent at our friends. We did not get a chance to play any games we just hung out and visited which was just as fun. Ethan did not want to sleep and tried his hardest to ring in the New Year with us but fell asleep about 45 min shy of the new year!

New Years Day we slept in and took a good long nap and than headed to Mom's for dinner and games. We played two new games which was pretty fun. Alli is due on the 13th and she is ready to go. I think she looks great for 9 months pregnant!!!