Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nine Month Pictures and Halloween

Last weekend we had our friend Addi come over and take some pictures for Ethan's ninth month, and I also wanted a few in his costume. Addi did a fantastic job and they are awesome pictures of Ethan. He kept wanting to have his binky or his hands in his mouth which can make for a hard time to take some pictures. These are just a few of the several great shots she took. My favorites are the basket and the one where his hand is on the pumpkin. I can not wait to get some printed and in a frame!! Thanks Addi for these memories!!


The Grasmans said...

these pictures are adorable!! good job addi! and look at all those teeth:) ethan continues to be quite a handsome little guy!

Cory and Amanda Witmer said...

He is growing up so fast! He is SUPER cute! (And I think Elijah and Ethan have the same shoes!) :) Have a WONDERFUL Thankgiving :)