Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dorothy, The Cowardly Lion and a Giraffe

On Friday we headed to Mom's for our traditional Halloween night dinner. Mom made fantastic homemade pizza and we helped hand out candy to the little kids. She only had 30 trick or treaters (when we were young she would have over 100). Alli gave out handfuls to the little kids, the last kids came at 7:15 and thought we should give them what we had left! We did not opt for that and saved some for us:)! Mom did buy 325 pieces of candy this year but again we needed to save some for us!
Carrie made Annabelle and Daniel's costumes again this year. She does such a good job of getting it done and making them look so cute. Annabelle was Dorothy and she looked just the part. Hair braided and even the red slippers, thanks to her dad Kenny. Kenny hot glued sequins to the red slippers they had found at Walmart so it would be just like Dorothy. The things Daddy's do for their little girls!! Daniel was the cowardly lion and was so cute! Ethan was a giraffe and loved wearing his costume. It was a great evening!


Anitra said...

That little giraffe is oh so cute!

Addi said...

You have been tagged! Read my blog. :)