Saturday, November 1, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

To say the least I have done my share of babysitting this week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I babysat my two nephews, Tyler 10 and Colson 6. To my surprise we had a great week and the boys were very good. The key is to plan your day and then there are not too many melt downs. The boys had a blast roller blading in our unfinished basement (great way to release some of that energy), playing outside and taking a bath in the whirlpool tub. Colson was the only one that wanted in on the tub but he played for almost 45 minutes and then feel asleep. He was hilarious in the tub, trying to swim and becoming bubble man! What more could a babysitter ask for!!! We also went to McDonald's on Thursday for a treat. My little sister Alli came over on Thursday and it was just a relief to know she was here with me. Thanks Alli!
Friday I babysat for a MOPS discussion group. There were 7 kids in all! Again to my suprise all the kids were so well behaved and played very good together. Unfortunatley Ethan did not want to play and was a little fussy but we made it through. I think next time I will bring someone with me, just knowing someone else will be there will be a huge relief. But we made it through a very busy week and am very thankful for the weekend!!!!

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Addi said...

Those are major bubbles!! How fun!!