Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Shower

Saturday we hosted Allison's baby shower at the BK club in Mishawaka. We had about 45 people attend which was a great turnout. We played a few games, ate good food and enjoyed all the baby gifts. One of the games was to guess how big around Alli's belly was with a piece of yarn. Our Grandma was the closest and their reaction is hilarious (bottom middle pic). Alli and Shane are very thankful for all of the gifts. I think they are all set and ready for the arrival. I can not believe its already Thanksgiving so I am sure January will be here before we know it! Congratulations Alli and Shane, we can not wait to meet him!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Best Friends

Today we babysat cousin Daniel while Carrie went on a field trip with Annabelle. Daniel is so easy going and just loves to play. Ethan and Daniel played really well together. They loved the spoons and spatulas in the kitchen. I was trying for a photo on the couch but they were either too interested in the remote or each other. We had a great day playing and hanging out. Thanks Carrie for letting us watch Daniel.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have been tagged by Addi.
Share 7 facts about yourself. Some random and some weird.
1.I am a very picky eater. Veggies and fruit do not go over well but you know either does meat so I guess I am a carb eating girl.
2. I love pickels. I even love to drink the juice but Corey thinks that it is bad for me so I have to drink it before he even knows the pickels are gone. I can usually finish a jar in a day or two if I am craving them.
3.I have three sisters. Two older and one younger. There is sixteen years between the oldest and the youngest but somehow I think we have manged to have close relationships.
4. I love a clean house. I just spent the majority of my day dusting, vacuuming, windexing, scrubbing, mopping but not because I have to but really I love it! It is the best feeling to go to bed knowing everything is "perfect".
5. I hate commercials on TV and the radio. Anytime a commercial comes on I am surfing to either find another show to watch or a song I like. Usually I am watching three shows at once!
6. When I was little I could fall asleep anywhere. The car, kitchen floor, other peoples house, serisously anywhere. Now I can barely fall asleep after a long day and I am exhausted. I just keep thinking, praying and planning.
7. I love God. I became a Christian at 18 years old and have been growing my walk with him ever since.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nine Month Pictures and Halloween

Last weekend we had our friend Addi come over and take some pictures for Ethan's ninth month, and I also wanted a few in his costume. Addi did a fantastic job and they are awesome pictures of Ethan. He kept wanting to have his binky or his hands in his mouth which can make for a hard time to take some pictures. These are just a few of the several great shots she took. My favorites are the basket and the one where his hand is on the pumpkin. I can not wait to get some printed and in a frame!! Thanks Addi for these memories!!

Congratulations Shane and Allison

On Friday afternoon Allison and Shane were married. They decided on a small ceremony at the courthouse with a small dinner at Rulli's. Alli looked so beautiful!!!!

Thursday night my sisters and I decorated the room using green accents. Carrie and Amy spent most of the time putting together this arch that was donated to the cause- it took them about an hour and it was well worth it. The arch made it look very special.

Friday morning my sisters and I met at the courthouse to decorate their car. It took us a minute to find their car because Shane used National City for a parking spot:) We decorated with writing on the car, a flag and some hearts. It was windy and chilly that day so we hung out in my car for a few minutes to get warm. Daniel and Ethan loved being outside of their car seats. They were too funny.

On Friday night we met back at Rullis for the wedding dinner party. It was a good time with family. Mom made the cake which turned out beautiful! I think Alli and Shane enjoyed this time and hopefully it will be a great "kickoff" to their marriage. They were headed to Chicago for the weekend for some shopping and to visit some of the museum's. I hope they had a great time. Alli and Shane-we are praying for your marriage and for God to unite you together.

Clean Up and Movin' Out


One Day last week Ethan and I headed over to my Mom's to help Alli pack up to move to her new house. To say the least she did not inherit that clean freakism from me and we had our work cut out for us. It was a good day for Alli to get rid of all her "junk" and goodwill lots of clothes. I think we filled up a whole trash can and two leaf size bags for goodwill. A good cleaning of our houses, souls and hearts is always something that needs to be done. I can remember moving out of my Mom's house and moving in with Corey after we were married, it was hard. I had never been on my own before and it was a big transition. The thing is, you have to let go of some of those old memories and things in order for new ones to be made. Change is what you make of it in my opinion. We all have the choice to make change good or bad. I am hoping through this change in my extended family that I can remain supportive, loving, honest, and that God may guide me and be my side as we go through this change.

We are Mobile


Last Monday Ethan decided that he would finally crawl. He takes these fast little crawls, which are so cute. He has not discovered anything out of the living room yet! Soon he will be at my feet wherever I go! I think for now he just likes being able to get to the toys he wants.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dorothy, The Cowardly Lion and a Giraffe

On Friday we headed to Mom's for our traditional Halloween night dinner. Mom made fantastic homemade pizza and we helped hand out candy to the little kids. She only had 30 trick or treaters (when we were young she would have over 100). Alli gave out handfuls to the little kids, the last kids came at 7:15 and thought we should give them what we had left! We did not opt for that and saved some for us:)! Mom did buy 325 pieces of candy this year but again we needed to save some for us!
Carrie made Annabelle and Daniel's costumes again this year. She does such a good job of getting it done and making them look so cute. Annabelle was Dorothy and she looked just the part. Hair braided and even the red slippers, thanks to her dad Kenny. Kenny hot glued sequins to the red slippers they had found at Walmart so it would be just like Dorothy. The things Daddy's do for their little girls!! Daniel was the cowardly lion and was so cute! Ethan was a giraffe and loved wearing his costume. It was a great evening!

Adventures in Babysitting

To say the least I have done my share of babysitting this week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I babysat my two nephews, Tyler 10 and Colson 6. To my surprise we had a great week and the boys were very good. The key is to plan your day and then there are not too many melt downs. The boys had a blast roller blading in our unfinished basement (great way to release some of that energy), playing outside and taking a bath in the whirlpool tub. Colson was the only one that wanted in on the tub but he played for almost 45 minutes and then feel asleep. He was hilarious in the tub, trying to swim and becoming bubble man! What more could a babysitter ask for!!! We also went to McDonald's on Thursday for a treat. My little sister Alli came over on Thursday and it was just a relief to know she was here with me. Thanks Alli!
Friday I babysat for a MOPS discussion group. There were 7 kids in all! Again to my suprise all the kids were so well behaved and played very good together. Unfortunatley Ethan did not want to play and was a little fussy but we made it through. I think next time I will bring someone with me, just knowing someone else will be there will be a huge relief. But we made it through a very busy week and am very thankful for the weekend!!!!

Random Phone Calls

In case any of you get any mysterious phone calls from the Barnes family it just might be our son! He loves the phone; pushing buttons, eating the phone and hanging up on people while on speaker phone. Peggy can verify these mysterious calls due to the fact that she was the first on Ethan's list to call! One day last week I noticed he had gotten into the phonebook and had Peggy's Cell but I did not think he called. Well Peggy called back noticing she had a missed call from us, which only verified that he DID call!! Sorry Peg!! So a lesson learned-the phone can not be used as a toy!!!