Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Friend Luke

Saturday night Luke came over so that his Mom and Dad could have a date night. He is such a good baby with lots of smiles and tricks:) He has this cute little growl as his talk and can roll over very good. Ethan and Luke did not really notice each other too much except for these few pictures. As you can see from the middle picture Ethan just wanted to roll right over Luke! We had such a good time watching Luke. Peggy also came over to help babysit, she was unsure if we could handle the most laid back baby we know:) I am glad she decided to come over, it was a good time just hanging out. Can not wait until next time!

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Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

Enjoy it now while they don't notice each other because I have a feeling those two are going to be getting into trouble only too soon ;)