Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My little Chef

As most of you know I like things clean and tidy; and really do not want Ethan drooling all over the dishes. However, I have finally given in and let Ethan play with some tupperware. Of course I had to organize the tupperware cabinet first to see which unmatched pieces he could play with. Where do all those lids go anyways????I also gave him some spoons, measuring cups, spatula and a stainless steel pot (the pot was perfect for a drum). I always put him in the middle of the kitchen while I prepare dinner. Usually I give him his own toys, but tonight I gave in and he had a ball. I think he played with the spoons and bowls for about 35 min which was perfect timing to get dinner done. After a washing I am sure he can play with all these "toys" again!


Addi said...

So cute! Senica and Ty love to play with my kitchen stuff when they are in the bathtub.

Anitra said...

You are too funny! Good for you! It looks like he was loving life. What is it about kids and kitchen items? And I agree, where do all the lids go and where do all the matching socks go?

Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

Now if you can just get him addicted to the Food Network he will be making the dinner by the time he is two :) I had a friend who kept a couple of spoons in the car to keep her little one entertained and it worked wonders!