Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nine Month Checkup

Ethan had his nine month checkup yesterday. He now weighs 18lbs 14 oz (20th%), 30 3/4in long (97th%) and his head is 46.5cm (80th%). I was a little disappointed with his weight, I wanted him to be able to move up to the next car seat. I think he would be much more content facing forward. I think I will wait a few weeks and than move him up even though he will not be the 22lbs. Overall it was a good visit-he is eating and sleeping well so what more could you ask for.

Its a crazy week in the Barnes household. I am babysitting my two nephews as they have fall break this week, fall festival is at church on Wed. night (I am in charge of the food), and of course Friday is Halloween and my Grandpa's birthday. Busy Busy! Hope everyone has a great week.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday Party Times Two

Friday night we celebrated Amy's 30th birthday and Alli's 18th birthday. Mom hosted and had some fabulous homemade lasagna. For Amy's gift we bought 30 gifts for 30 years. I think it took her almost over an hour to open but it was so much fun to buy, wrap and watch her open.
Allison got a lot of nice gifts also- digital camera (Alli please don't break this one), two pair of shoes, clothes and a book.
All of the kids had a great time playing together and were good most of the night. It was a late evening and Colson had had enough, as you can see from the picture of him throwing a fit in the kitchen. Lots of fun things to look forward to as Ethan grows up:)!! It was a great evening. Happy Birthday Girls!!

Box of Fun

Ethan was having a ball playing with the box of his new booster seat. He was so serious acting like he was reading all about the booster. He was actually staying still long enough to take a few quick and cute pics.

Notice the top right up on all fours. He can now move the legs but forgets his arms and falls on his face:( Corey guesses this week we will have a crawler-only time will tell.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nine Months

Wow Nine Months- Here are some pictures of my little stud:)!!! We do not go back to the doctor for two more weeks for a regular checkup but he is growing!!! No crawling yet but he does get on all fours and still goes backwards and in circles, its only a matter of time!

Hayride Fun

Ok so I only took 2 pictures at the hayride on Saturday- check out Addi's blog to see some great pictures. Thanks Addi for taking great ones. We had a great time at the hayride on Saturday that Adam and Mary hosted. We had so much good food and fellowship. Mary was a great hostess and had awesome games for the kids and adults. Ethan feel asleep on the hayride, well at the very end but woke up as soon as we got off the wagon. It was a great evening and will be looking forward to next year. Thanks Adam and Mary for a great night.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lunch at Great Grandma and Grandpa Smith's

Today Ethan and I went to Great Grandma and Grandpa Smiths for lunch. Grandma called yesterday to invite us over so we could see the latest addition to the Smith family. Currently there are 10 great grandchildren ( 8 boys and 2 girls) and we have another boy due in January. Its a little different than how I grew up- there were 11 grandchildren (9 girls and 2 boys).

Now all these pictures are of Daniel and one with Ethan but he was the only one that would let me take pictures. He is pretty cute and loves for me to take his picture. Patrick and Kiersten were there but were too busy playing to snap a family photo. Aaron the latest addition was a sleepy head the whole time so sorry no pictures of him, I did not want to wake him. Its amazing too see the family grow and that we are able to see each other every once in awhile. Grandma made some amazing broccoli soup (which I actually liked) and some BBQ sandwiches. We had a great time visiting and will try to get back sooner to visit.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Standing with Support

We just got Ethan this cute little table with lots of activities on top. It has a book, shapes, colors, drum, piano and guitar. You can change the settings to have music play as you play or colors and shapes. Ethan loves the new toy but you have to stand to play. We have been just holding him up but Corey let go on Saturday and he supported himself- who knew?! I think Ethan was a little proud of himself as he gave a smile as soon as he knew he would not fall over. He is growing way to fast!!

Our Friend Luke

Saturday night Luke came over so that his Mom and Dad could have a date night. He is such a good baby with lots of smiles and tricks:) He has this cute little growl as his talk and can roll over very good. Ethan and Luke did not really notice each other too much except for these few pictures. As you can see from the middle picture Ethan just wanted to roll right over Luke! We had such a good time watching Luke. Peggy also came over to help babysit, she was unsure if we could handle the most laid back baby we know:) I am glad she decided to come over, it was a good time just hanging out. Can not wait until next time!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My little Chef

As most of you know I like things clean and tidy; and really do not want Ethan drooling all over the dishes. However, I have finally given in and let Ethan play with some tupperware. Of course I had to organize the tupperware cabinet first to see which unmatched pieces he could play with. Where do all those lids go anyways????I also gave him some spoons, measuring cups, spatula and a stainless steel pot (the pot was perfect for a drum). I always put him in the middle of the kitchen while I prepare dinner. Usually I give him his own toys, but tonight I gave in and he had a ball. I think he played with the spoons and bowls for about 35 min which was perfect timing to get dinner done. After a washing I am sure he can play with all these "toys" again!


I have posted a bunch of random pictures from our life over the last two weeks or so. Its amazing how just two weeks ago Ethan was in a sleeveless shirt and now we have long pants on and long sleeve shirts. I am thankful for the change in weather, it is the best time of the year.
What a little man we have on our hands. He is growing so fast and so much fun to have around. I have taken quite a few pictures of Ethan and Corey and have shared a few. These are my favorites- Ethan on his shoulders (hard to believe he is big enough for that), playing together and of course napping together.
This past weekend we took a little road trip south of Indy to the outlet mall to do some much needed shopping. I think I was going through withdraw:)! We stayed two nights and it was a new adventure for the Barnes family. I think I packed enough for a week but oh well we had everything we needed! Ethan did great, the first night was a little rocky but we managed to get a few hours of sleep and the second night was just like home. We got lots of cute clothes for Ethan and I and also managed to get Corey a few needed items.
The other pictures of Ethan just playing at home. As you can see from the pictures everything was going into the mouth but this past weekend we FINALLY got the top two middle teeth to cut through. So we now have eight teeth in all. They are still kind of bothering him as they continue to come through. A frozen teether seems to help lots. He is rolling and scooting everywhere on his tummy but only backwards. I give it a few more weeks and he will learn to go forward. Kind of scary to think of him being mobile but I am sure I will survive.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The "Flare"

Here are some shots of our neighbors flare. They have added quite a bit this year and just had to share for hopefully the enjoyment of Scott:)! We now have a cemetery, haunted house, pumpkin, skull, a spider, lights all over the porch, hanging stew pots and a witch that laughs at the front door every time a noise is made! Corey went under cover to get these pictures. Can you just imagine the neighbors catching him?!

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