Monday, September 8, 2008

Please Tickle me Mommy

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Ethan is starting to love peek a boo and to be tickled. I am so amazed at how little kids loved to be tickled. I think its awful to be tickled, just ask Corey how I feel about the tickling. I was playing peek a boo behind our bouncy and Ethan was just cracking up. He was laughing so hard and loud it was the cutest. He is such a happy baby most of the time and so fun to play with.


The Grasmans said...

i love it! he looks SO happy:)

Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

I just wish you could capture his laugh and put it on the blog. I can't believe how big he is getting!! I wish I could come back and visit and hold him (if corey would let me :)

Cory and Amanda Witmer said...

I can't believe you big your little one is! He has such a great smile :)