Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our weekend

Can you believe all the rain we got this weekend? Our reservoir behind our house filled up and one of our bright neighbors tried to put a small boat in it! I do not think this was very successful. I asked Corey how long he thought it would be there and he said until the water is gone. Crazy people!! Anyway it rained so much all weekend which made for some nice family and friend time indoors! Saturday we hung around the house and watched ND play a great game. As you can see by the pics Ethan is a true ND fan and helped cheer them onto victory. It was great not to have to be anywhere or do anything!
Sunday Addi and BK invited us over for some puzzle time for the girls and football for the boys. BK grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs despite the rain. After dinner we or should I say Anitra, Senica and Peggy attempted to put together the puzzle. Now I do have to give Addi some credit as she put two pieces together but for me I was no help. Tiffany and Peggy can verify that I have only helped put together one puzzle in my whole life and it was a pretty sorry attempt. Senica on the other hand is great at puzzles and completed the border with no problems! Even though I am terrible at this puzzle thing but it was great to hang out with friends.

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The Randolph's said...

Ethan looks like such a little man sitting all by himself. And, I'm impressed Corey got in a picture!

You can't get any better at puzzles if you don't do more of them!

Anitra said...

We had a great time too! We will just have to keep having puzzle nights. Eventually you will be great at them!

Love the pics of Ethan on the couch. He is so grown up. Pretty soon, Senica will be crying b/c he will be too big to hold.

Addi said...

Those pics of Ethan are so cute!!

We are so glad that you guys came over. We had so much fun!!

I like the "new" blog look. :)

Cory and Amanda Witmer said...

I love his little outfit! He is adorable!