Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eight Months Already?!?

Ethan turned eight months last week! Its so hard to believe that he is eight months. Some girlfriends and I were talking about how small this part of their life is but how it consumes and impacts us so much. We worry about so many things like, is he getting enough to eat, is he sleeping the amount that he should, how should we put him to sleep, why is he not crawling, why is he not self feeding, is he big enough, is he too attached. All these things are important to their lives but not as important as the eternal investment that we are making on their lives each day. It has been great to experience this time of life with other girls so that we can rely on each other and help calm our worries. I am very grateful for each one of them. I am also grateful for family and friends who might not be going through this phase of life that also support me and my family. Thanks to each one of you!
An update on my cutie- we had a doctor visit last week and Ethan weighed in at 17lbs 10oz. I measured him about two weeks ago and he was almost 30 in long! Where does he get this height from? He also has six teeth, working on two more. These two are taking forever! He is rolling around and scooting backwards but not quite crawling yet. He laughs and smiles all the time. And for the first time tonight he said "Mama" now talk about melting your heart!!


thegroves said...

Awww... precious! Addie is just starting to babble and THAT melts my heart! I can only imagine hearing that magic word! ;)

Anitra said...

Yeah! First words are always so exciting!

Addi said... AWESOME! Ok, so he got Mama, next Dada...then we can try Addi! :)

The Grasmans said...

how fun jess!! he's growing so fast and he is such a cutie!!

Cory and Amanda Witmer said...

Isn't mama the best thing so far!? I hear hugs are pretty amazing too though! I can't believe how big he is getting. I know Elijah is growing too, but I don't notice it as much! You need to come visit soon :)