Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

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Saturday we headed to the pumpkin patch to pick up a few pumpkins, mums, hay and straw. It was a beautiful morning. This is my favorite time of the year even though I know that it means winter is not too far off. Ethan had a good time picking out pumpkins and seeing the farm animals. At the end of our adventure I had to get some pics and he was not so hip on sitting on that hay as you can see from the pics but we made memories and thats what really counts.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eight Months Already?!?

Ethan turned eight months last week! Its so hard to believe that he is eight months. Some girlfriends and I were talking about how small this part of their life is but how it consumes and impacts us so much. We worry about so many things like, is he getting enough to eat, is he sleeping the amount that he should, how should we put him to sleep, why is he not crawling, why is he not self feeding, is he big enough, is he too attached. All these things are important to their lives but not as important as the eternal investment that we are making on their lives each day. It has been great to experience this time of life with other girls so that we can rely on each other and help calm our worries. I am very grateful for each one of them. I am also grateful for family and friends who might not be going through this phase of life that also support me and my family. Thanks to each one of you!
An update on my cutie- we had a doctor visit last week and Ethan weighed in at 17lbs 10oz. I measured him about two weeks ago and he was almost 30 in long! Where does he get this height from? He also has six teeth, working on two more. These two are taking forever! He is rolling around and scooting backwards but not quite crawling yet. He laughs and smiles all the time. And for the first time tonight he said "Mama" now talk about melting your heart!!

Happy 1st Birthday Daniel

Ok its so hard to believe its been a whole year since we welcomed Daniel into the our lives. He is such a happy baby. He is walking all around, getting into everything. Saturday we headed to Carrie and Kenny's to celebrate his birthday. We had a great time watching him open gifts and eat that chocolate cake loaded with chocolate frosting (thanks Grandma Chris). He loved the cake and dove right in. He was too cute eating the cake, he almost finished the whole thing! Thanks Kenny and Carrie for having us all over and Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our weekend

Can you believe all the rain we got this weekend? Our reservoir behind our house filled up and one of our bright neighbors tried to put a small boat in it! I do not think this was very successful. I asked Corey how long he thought it would be there and he said until the water is gone. Crazy people!! Anyway it rained so much all weekend which made for some nice family and friend time indoors! Saturday we hung around the house and watched ND play a great game. As you can see by the pics Ethan is a true ND fan and helped cheer them onto victory. It was great not to have to be anywhere or do anything!
Sunday Addi and BK invited us over for some puzzle time for the girls and football for the boys. BK grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs despite the rain. After dinner we or should I say Anitra, Senica and Peggy attempted to put together the puzzle. Now I do have to give Addi some credit as she put two pieces together but for me I was no help. Tiffany and Peggy can verify that I have only helped put together one puzzle in my whole life and it was a pretty sorry attempt. Senica on the other hand is great at puzzles and completed the border with no problems! Even though I am terrible at this puzzle thing but it was great to hang out with friends.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Please Tickle me Mommy

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Ethan is starting to love peek a boo and to be tickled. I am so amazed at how little kids loved to be tickled. I think its awful to be tickled, just ask Corey how I feel about the tickling. I was playing peek a boo behind our bouncy and Ethan was just cracking up. He was laughing so hard and loud it was the cutest. He is such a happy baby most of the time and so fun to play with.

Say Cheese

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Ethan loves to be naked and gets so excited when we have an outfit change and I leave him in the diaper for awhile. He was just "chees'in" it up so of course I had to get a few pics. He finally understands that I want him to smile when I take a picture, so hopefully we will not have too many more blank stare pictures. I had sesame street on and I think it might have gotten his attention in the upper right corner- like hold on one second mom I gotta see this:) I think he is saying in the bottom right- who me? nope not me:)!

I love Ethan so much and am so glad that I am at home with him. He just makes my heart melt with those smiles. We had Ethan dedicated at church this weekend and chose a life verse for him. Corey and I picked Joshua 1:8-9 "This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth,but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage do not be afraid nor be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Corey and I thought that this would be a great verse for Ethan to keep close by throughout life.

Tyler's 10th birthday!!!

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On Sunday we celebrated Tyler's 10th birthday, he officially turned ten on September 2nd. Its hard to believe he is ten years old!! Man how time can fly by. Aunt Alli made him an awesome Star Wars blanket that he loved- what a special gift. He also got the Mario Brothers video game that he wanted so bad. Amy was a great hostess and made fabulous homemade spaghetti (my favorite). Daniel was too cute with the paper and bows Tyler had left behind. He is such a ham! We had a great afternoon enjoying every one's company. Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I have no pictures to share because all weekend Ethan, Corey and I stayed home sick until Monday we were all a little stir crazy and headed to my Mom's for some food and the pool. Corey has been so busy at work the last few weeks (well pretty much every since I met him) but even busier the last few and we just keep saying how we could not wait until this weekend to be together. It seems I have filled up my evenings so we eat dinner (which is a plus) and then I am out the door to something. So we were just looking forward to being together all three of us. We thought we might go have a picnic or walk the East Race but God had another plan for us which was the best plan. Saturday I spent most of the day on the couch sleeping and in between my naps I watched my husband the best father to Ethan play and take such good care of him and to be honest he took very good care of me. Getting my sprite and making me toast. Sunday came along and I was still a mess so we tried going to the Immediate care center but with a two and half hour wait, I said lets try some different medicine so off to Walgreen's we went. I took some Aleve Cold and Sinus and it dried me right up! I think that will be my new medicine of choice:) So Sunday we just all took naps together and hung out all together which ended up being the best time together. As most of you know Corey and I are kind of spastic so we decided to go over to Mom's on Monday despite the ear infections, sinus infections and runny noses, which I might add were doing much better by Monday morning. Ethan was so good just playing on the deck and enjoying some outdoor time since we had been in all weekend. Its amazing how fast your plans can change and what you thought would be the "best" weekend was not what you thought at all. God knew that I needed that extra love and care from Corey on Saturday and that Ethan needed those bonding moments. Phil. 4:19 says "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." What a great reminder that God always knows our needs and will meet each one of them every time.