Thursday, August 21, 2008

The cutest kids

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We were missing Ty today due to some teeth that wanted to make there debut! However Owen, Ian and Ethan are working on a few teeth themselves so he would have been OK to join us but you know sometimes it just better to be at your own house and in your own bed. Ty we hope you get to feeling better and those teeth do not bother you too bad. Our Miss Mom (Senica) was a great help to me today. Helping play with the babies, holding the babies, helping me get some burp clothes for Ethan and putting things back into the fridge. Senica you are such a great help, Thank You!! Upon arrival some of the babies were snoozing as you can see from the top row- Baby Addie, Owen and Luke. Sleeping babies are the cutest!! Its so fun watching all the other kids, each have their own personality which can be hilarious. Luke was too funny discovering his tongue this past week and Owen was all smiles at me today! We were just discussing today that at some point we will not just be able to sit around and talk, we will be chasing after the kids as well. Thanks fellow Moms for a great day!!!

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