Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ethan and Daniel

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Ethan and I went to my sisters Carrie's house to pick up some clothes that Daniel has out grown. Its great having an older boy cousin!!! We hung out for a little bit and played. Daniel has some awesome toys that Ethan really liked. Daniel is 11 months old and is crawling everywhere, walking some and starting to say some words like ball, truck, and of course Mom, Dad and sister Anna's name. He was such a ham for the camera, as soon as I took the camera out he starting laughing and smiling. They will be such good play buddies when they get a little older:)!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The cutest kids

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We were missing Ty today due to some teeth that wanted to make there debut! However Owen, Ian and Ethan are working on a few teeth themselves so he would have been OK to join us but you know sometimes it just better to be at your own house and in your own bed. Ty we hope you get to feeling better and those teeth do not bother you too bad. Our Miss Mom (Senica) was a great help to me today. Helping play with the babies, holding the babies, helping me get some burp clothes for Ethan and putting things back into the fridge. Senica you are such a great help, Thank You!! Upon arrival some of the babies were snoozing as you can see from the top row- Baby Addie, Owen and Luke. Sleeping babies are the cutest!! Its so fun watching all the other kids, each have their own personality which can be hilarious. Luke was too funny discovering his tongue this past week and Owen was all smiles at me today! We were just discussing today that at some point we will not just be able to sit around and talk, we will be chasing after the kids as well. Thanks fellow Moms for a great day!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Send Off Cook Out

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As you can see most of the pics are from Ty and Adria but they are too cute not to share. I also love the one of Senica hugging her little brother- how sweet is she? What a beautiful weekend we had for grilling out! Thanks Addi and Brian for hosting!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

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On Sunday we celebrated Mom Barnes birthday at our house. It was a beautiful day. We grilled out and had some other great food. The kids had a blast playing wooffle ball and soccer with Uncle Nathan, Uncle Corey, Craig and Grandpa Barnes. Great Grandma Barnes was also able to join us which was a great addition to the day. We are very thankful for Mom and all the love and kindness she gives Corey and I and that special Grandma love for Ethan. Happy Birthday Mom.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mom was impressed!!

Ethan just got new blocks and he is loving them- they have rattles and teethers that are different shapes and colors inside the blocks, they are pretty cool. The other night he was playing and managed to get a block with his feet and I was very impressed. Its just blocks and feet but exciting for me. Ethan is definitely working on those motor skills. The proud Mom had to show it off.Posted by Picasa

So Brave....Shots Today!

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We are a few weeks behind in getting six month shots but today was the day. Ethan did very good today, just a few tears were shed. Corey came with me because I am the one who is not so brave. No fever yet, just very very drowsy. He was very cuddly, the ones in the rocker just make him seem too old. We had a great day just reading books and taking some naps. We shall see how tonight and tomorrow go but I think he will be just fine! What a brave little boy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Many Faces of Ethan

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Here are some random shots over the last two weeks or so. Ethan looks just like Corey, doesn't he? His personality is starting to shine and Corey and I agree that we have just started a new phase of parenting. He is a good sleeper but in the last week he has started to fight the napping a little more, even though I know he is just too tired for his own good. He is also getting a little picky about his food, carrots and sweet potatoes are not his favorites right now but we just keep trying:) He is laughing and smiling a ton which just melts my heart each and every time, which also is not good when we are trying to take a nap:)! He is sitting up pretty good, you can see the one near the top he is doing the "tripod" but down a little lower he is sitting up good on his own. We just love him to pieces but who could not with that sweet little face!

Moms Day

Yesterday Ethan and I headed up to Mary's house for lunch and fellowship with some other Moms. It was great to talk and enjoy each others company. I am so thankful for my girl friends and to be able to share laughter, struggles and to be an encouragement to each other. Senica was our official picture taker, thanks Senica! I think she did a great job. The dark pic is of Mary and the twins, I had to include as she was our hostess! Stacy and baby Addie were able to come also, which is amazing with Addie only being 9 days old!!! Thanks Ladies for opening your hearts to me and Mary for being our hostess!
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