Friday, July 18, 2008

Time To Eat

The story goes...We started putting rice cereal in Ethan's bottle to thicken the formula in hopes that some of it would stay down. I did not want him to get used to getting it out of a bottle so I tried to start spoon feeding him, which was not fun. I tried for a week but the poor kid just screamed through the entire meal, obviously he was not ready for solids. So about two weeks later we tried again and he ate with less screaming but he was still not too hip on the rice cereal. In hopes of getting him to eat better we started vegetables, which he is loving!!!! We started with squash, carrots and now on to sweet potato's. It is very messy but really fun. The top two pictures are the first feedings with just rice cereal and the bottom two feeding with vegetables. He looks so miserable on those first few feedings. I am so happy that he is learning how to eat in this new way. Its so confusing sometimes being a first time Mom and everyone will tell you something different in regards to everything. Some people say start cereal at four months, some say wait until six months. I have learned you can not always do what the "book" recommends because each baby is so different in reaching their milestones.
Ethan is six months old today!! Its hard to believe that its been that long! This is such a fun stage as he is not yet mobile but not so sleepy all the time but still takes good naps. His little personality is starting too show and it is awesome. We play, read, learn, and laugh together. Its just too fun!

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Jeffrey and Tiffany said...

I am amazed that you can feed a screaming baby and take a picture of it at the same time!!!