Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get those Piggies

Ethan has discovered those feet and loves it!!! I know Maegin will find this slightly gross but he is too funny! So sorry Maegin for the feet pictures:)! Its hard to believe how flexible he is to get those feet all the way to his mouth. Ethan is becoming much more interactive with playing and reading and is too fun! We had his six month check up this week and he is now 16lbs and 28in long- we are happy he is gaining and growing!
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Fun Times

It has been a great week for the pool. Yesterday Ethan and I hung out at Mom's most of the day with the MO family, Colson, Tyler, Annabelle,Daniel and Carrie. The kids had a great time creating a slip n slide into the pool with rafts. They were too hilarious. I am glad for the time we had to visit and will be sad when they head back home.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome Uncle Ben and Aunt Mary

Uncle Ben and Aunt Mary and their four kids (Joe, Rebekah, Hannah and Sara) made it to Indiana yesterday. They traveled about 12 hours from Missouri. We had a cookout at Amy's to welcome them in town. We had a good time with swimming, boating and some football. We are glad that they are here and are looking forward to visiting with them this week.
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Happy 6th Birthday Annabelle

We celebrated Annabelle's birthday on Saturday at her house. We had a great time, with great food. She got lots of awesome presents and a very cool Junie B. Jones cake. Anna- thanks for letting us celebrate with you.
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Ethan and Dad

This week while I was at VBS, Corey and Ethan got to spend lots of time together. Corey said it was great being able to take care of him each night and getting to learn all the little things about him. He feed him his dinner, played, gave him a cat nap, bathed him and then put him to sleep. Usually when I got home Ethan was out for the night. Corey is an amazing Dad and is wonderful with Ethan. Watching them play together you can see how much Corey loves him and wants Gods will for his life. What an awesome relationship to watch being developed.
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Time To Eat

The story goes...We started putting rice cereal in Ethan's bottle to thicken the formula in hopes that some of it would stay down. I did not want him to get used to getting it out of a bottle so I tried to start spoon feeding him, which was not fun. I tried for a week but the poor kid just screamed through the entire meal, obviously he was not ready for solids. So about two weeks later we tried again and he ate with less screaming but he was still not too hip on the rice cereal. In hopes of getting him to eat better we started vegetables, which he is loving!!!! We started with squash, carrots and now on to sweet potato's. It is very messy but really fun. The top two pictures are the first feedings with just rice cereal and the bottom two feeding with vegetables. He looks so miserable on those first few feedings. I am so happy that he is learning how to eat in this new way. Its so confusing sometimes being a first time Mom and everyone will tell you something different in regards to everything. Some people say start cereal at four months, some say wait until six months. I have learned you can not always do what the "book" recommends because each baby is so different in reaching their milestones.
Ethan is six months old today!! Its hard to believe that its been that long! This is such a fun stage as he is not yet mobile but not so sleepy all the time but still takes good naps. His little personality is starting too show and it is awesome. We play, read, learn, and laugh together. Its just too fun!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! You are always a word of encouragement and motherly advice. I appreciate all you have done for me and am glad we could take the day to celebrate your birthday. Thanks for creating all the good memories and traditions. Love you Mom!

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Shane is officially one of the brother- in-laws!!! The other b-in-laws conspired against him and decided that it was time for Shane to go swimming in his clothes. They were nice enough to remove the watch but not the wallet. The wallet did somewhat survive. Hopefully Shane will forgive!
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Pool Time

We celebrated Mom's birthday on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day to be outside. The kids love swimming and so did the boys. The boys did get a little rough with the chicken fighting and the basketball. Boys will be boys I guess. Corey and Tony both dived onto the deck to get the basketball and Corey managed to knock Tony's elbow and possibly dislocated his elbow. Tony will probably go to the doctor today to find out. Now this is Tony's holiday to break bones. He has broken his back water skiing, broken an ankle wake boarding and now this 4th of July his elbow- we almost made it out of the weekend with no broken bones but boys will be boys!
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July

A little taste of our 4th. We enjoyed beautiful weather at Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house. The kids played great together. It is so nice to see everyone and visit. Mom's birthday celebration is tomorrow so we will have more to share!
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

My little Boy

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Ethan and I have had so much fun this week at home. I am so happy that I am here with him and I think he feels the same:) I just can not take enough pictures of him. Every other thing he does I think I need a picture of. Ethan is about 5 1/2 months old now and I think we are up to about 1500 pictures of him!!! Now I have probably gone overboard however hopefully he will appreciate it someday. It is amazing how they grow and their little personalities. Corey and I are so grateful for him. Sometimes when I watch him its hard to imagine life without him. Our lives seemed so blessed before Ethan but now this is truly the biggest, most amazing blessing on our lives. I pray that Ethan will have a heart for God, be a strong leader, a good husband, a good friend and the list could go on and on. I am learning lots of patience, how to teach, how to love in many ways, how to multi-task, how to be involved in others lives, clean faster, do more laundry, organize better, love my family and I am sure this list could go on. I am so grateful to be at home! Nap time is over and I am sure he will be all smiles when I go in his room and that is one of the best things ever, him smiling up at me!