Friday, June 27, 2008


We have finally made it to my last day working. Even though I have only been back to work for 12 weeks, part of me feels like it was a lifetime. I am an emotional person and like to do my share of crying for all kinds of crazy reasons (like the wedding on the Today show yesterday:) The girls I work with are wonderful amazing friends who threw me a "retirement" party today to help ease the pain of goodbyes. We had pizza, bread sticks, pop, cookies, cake and brownies- now if that's not a party I don't know what is. I even got a little bit of work to take home with me! As you can see they got me the cutest flower pot with all my perks from work in it. My pringles, dunkin donuts coffee, gum, scrapbook supplies, a good book to read and a gift certificate to the limited- what more could a girl ask for? I was not very good at getting any pictures of me and my girls but I know I will be back to the credit union to visit and will have to get some pics. I will miss them terribly but truly not as much as I have missed Ethan the last 12 weeks. I am excited and scared to start this new chapter of my life- I know God has good things planned for me as a stay at home mom and I am ready and open for it.


Madison's Milestones said...

It is the best decision to say home. you will love it getting to see everything he does for the first time and just spending the time with him because they grow up so fast.
jenny m

Anitra said...

Looks like a fun celebration! Mixed emotions are so normal, but investments will still fill your every day, and eternal ones at that. We have to get together for a play date sometime!

Addi said...

Awww, that was so sweet of them! They will miss you I am sure, but it is wonderful you get to stay home with Ethan.

I am sure that Ethan will LOVE you being home with him too! :)

eyedoc2004 said...

retirement. awesome. I'm jealous. I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to spend your time with ethan now.